Corvette GT1

C3 chassis, heavily modified with a C4 race-body

Gen I small block (hole in block), Muncie, C3 IRS. Dry sump. Engine COMPLETELY behind the front axle centerline.

No torque-tube nonsense, No ABS, No traction control, No nannies, No excuses.

Logbooks, setup notes.


Transponder NOT included.


Setup sheet says

LF620 - 681RF

LR727 - 742RR

For a 53% rear weight bias.

I have not put the car on scales.


Put a splitter on it, radiator is already leaned forward, build a duct to vent most of it out the hood, add a wing.

Run headers ABOVE the frame, add a low-ground-clearance bell and smaller flywheel (I have the bell) and run the car lower.


Stay with 16s or have 18s made and run 335/345 A7/R7. Car is HUB car and is traditional chevy 5x4-3/4.

Could go longer front control arms and lower scrub radius and run C4/C5/C6 offsets!!!

Could bolt on spacers in rear to keep offsets similar or run a square 335 setup.

Below = Headers are toast.

Below = Numbers on case make it a Muncie, but need to dig more if M21 or M22.

Fairly sure these are AFR 210 heads.

I'm guessing these are C3 off-the-shelf headers. Would be easy to build over-the-frame headers to gain ground clearance as the headers are VERY low.

Below: Backside pic of one of the GOTTI wheels.

A handful of DZUS turns and the door is off. Literally 1 minute.

Roof panel is also DZUS on....again less than a minute to remove.

Below: The upper bar could be eliminated and the two dzus mounts braced from the edges. Would create an large opening for a driver.

Driver door off in a minute.

Rear clip off in a minute.