17 Aug. 2003

The day the Camaro died...It had a fatal subframe/front unibody crack that rendered repair not financially feasable.

This is a 1992 Camaro RS 305/5speed (TBI). It was to live about another 3.5 hours....


This is about an hour in. The body panels are off, but it still has suspension and drivetrain.



Another two hours, and the car has no suspension or driveline. People are driving slooooowly past the house and staring

so Gary puts up a sign. They just drive slower.




Another few minutes later. Wade, Costas, Wendi, Hunter and Maria. Two compressors, two airguns, sawzall, air grinder,

Accu-Cuts (thanks Wade), etc etc....with six people produced this before lunch arrived. (Gary taking photo)

"Uhh....wh..wh...what did this car USED to be????" - Double Dave's delivery dude




And after lunch, the hired help (we paid in pizza rolls) napped. Hunter and Wade sleeping the sleep of the full belly.


Good-bye my dear 3rd gen. Your parts will live on!!!!!

Witchdoctor Motorsports has a time-lapse video of this event on YOUTUBE!