Chapter 23a

Witchdoctor Motorsports

1992 Camaro RS 1LE/B4C LB9 TPI goes LT1/T56

Summer 2003


Here is Dean!s Camaro. With the weak-stick stock uber-high mileage motor still inside it dyno'd at 217/278 at 160,000+ miles. That is about average as Barry's (now the Beaird's) dyno'd at 220/290. Cody's put down 219/298 and mine rolled them to 213/279 (at 180k).

Dean! had already put subframe connectors, big springs and done some other light mods to the car so it was no longer an FStock contender, so he decided to go all the way and step up the power to match the chassis. A Painless (tm) wiring harness was used and it was very nicely made. When we were done, everything worked. All the dash gauges, controls, etc. Wendi did the wiring and when you popped the hood, it looked completely factory. Everything in looms and routed with adel clamps and secured. It turned out VERY nice.

The motor came out very quickly. No problems...


Wow...big hole. Time to do some cleaning!!


Where do all these %$@! wires go?????


Hmmm...still a few wires to wrap up....


YEAH! Nice and sweet!

(Knocker sitting next door also getting a transplant)


That Crazy Asian!!!

(note: he played with the car for a while and then sold it)