TX2K21 / March 2021


TX2K21 at HRP

After the covid-scare last year where the final days of TX2K20 were down on attendance, we'd hoped this year would make a comeback. The initial racer inquiries were very promising but the proof in the pudding was we had a MASSIVE number of racers that had registered just as soon as we opened it up. By December, many of the classes were full and had double-digit waitlists even though the event was 3 months away! Oh yes!

As usual, you can find all kinds of posts and videos about TX2K so I'll simply share a bunch of the snaps I took and maybe a few comments. The event ran incredibly smooth and when it was all said and done, we had the highest attendance Houston Raceway had EVER had (for ANY event) as well as our largest racer turnout as well! YES!!!


Above: Making lists and checking them THREE times because we cannot miss a number. Not one.