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Model Building 101

By: Teh Alien!


1:1 Camaro model kit by Chevrolet

I bought this kit a few years ago, and am just now getting around to building it up. The guy I bought it from (dude was a complete tool, ask Nick) said he was selling it for his brother-in-law, so I hope all the pieces are here. Anyhows... Now this is what I call an instruction manual!

Here's the body of model just out of the box. It was molded in a brownish color god knows why. This is going to be my toughest model to build yet. I've done lots of 1:25 and helped on a few 1:1, but this is going to be a first. There are a LOT of bits!


Got excited and have already started to paint some bits. The kit came wik 2 hatch glasses. One has the third taillight on the outside. The guy I bought it from said that that one HAD some louvers on it but he lost them, I hope they found their way to a trash can anyways. yuck. I wish it came wik two hoods tho. (toolboy prolly lost the flat hood too grrr). Toolboy also screwed up some of the interior parts, so now I'm thinking of making it into a model racecar! I've already got a race seat that will fit.

Sorry for no update in a while. Here's the doors and body parts glued on. I painted it red (red is fast right?) and tried my first attempt at weathering. Turned out not too bad. Now it's faded red! haha. I may repaint it later. I chose to use the non-scooped ground effects, just my personal taste. Note the scratchbuilt roll cage (thanks Todd).

The kit also came wik an optional engine package. One is a souped up carbed tree-fiddy wik headers, and the other is a stock 305 TPI (awesome-ly detailed!). Not sure just what one I want to use just yet. I'll paint them later.

Decided on the LB9. Just check out the detail. Color me impressed.

Just seeing how the different optional wheels will look. The first pic is some IROCs, the second pic is some GTA's (Bling Bling baby!), and in the third I painted the GTA's black. This set I bought a while ago is off a corvette model and would require some thinking to get them to work right... maybe on my next model. I'll think I'll end up using the RS wheels, (pictured later) wik the 'real rubber' tires installed. 


Installed a few decals today. My favorite is the custom license plate. My brother introduced me to making custom decals like that. He built a Foxbody Mustang that had SUPR GT cause he likes Superman... you fill in the rest :)

Done! (hehe who am I kidding, it'll never be 'done'. I've already thought up a few more details I want to add like hoodpins and more custom decals). Admire and discuss!

Overall, this model was awesome. The instructions were VERY detailed. The fit and finsh could be a bit better, but hey it was made by chevrolet, but at least it wasn't a snap-together. There were only a few missing pieces, the rear louvers, antennae and the battery. I wasn't going to use the antennae anyways and the battery I was able to use from a different model (tho it didn't quite fit so I had to relocate it). I really liked the options of wheels and gfx and engine, just wish it came wik an optional hood.

UPDATE: My gf found a 1:1 Teal Camaro wik t-tops that someone did but it's starting to fall apart and is missing a few bits too (prolly used cheap glue). She wants to buy it and try fix it up and put the 'optional' parts left over from mine into hers. We'll see!