Witchdoctor Motorsports

Chapter 97

March 24, 2008

Gentlemen, START YOUR LeMONS!!!!!


The 24 Hours of LeMons. Lemons. Yep. Buy a 500$ car (a lemon) and race it for, you hope, 24 hours. Yes, things like tires and brakes and safety equipment can all be upgraded and are not included in the 'Thou Shalt Spend No More Than Five Hundred" rule, but it still means having a crappy car.

Or does it?

All of us here on the third coast (that's Texas, ya'll) have read the cool stories about the 24 Hours of LeMons. Sounds beyond cool. Definitely right up our alley. But no way we were hauling all the way to the west coast to participate. Low and behold in 2008 the LeMons schedule was released and it included MSR-Houston as a track to get a race late in the year. Oh yes. Anna is looking to get involved and do the LeMons race and wanted to know if WDMS and BR could do a co-op event. Anna has wanted to get more into the whole turning thing, and my mind turned to: what car, how to set it up, crew options, driver options...I even started scribbling down a budget.  Months ago, I entered our team into the LeMons website and hopefully we get chosen to compete. I think we'll make the cut!

There is SO much to tell, but I'll be the last one to give away our complete (or semi-complete) plan. <shifty-eyes> Mums the word! Top-Secret stuff going on here and you simply don't have the clearance, Clarence!

I *will* tell you that after a nearly three month search the EXACT car I've been looking for has been located, inspected, price negotiated and purchased today. The team is a little busy the next few weeks but by May work will begin in earnest.